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2014 Season 8 of Portland Teen Idol - the last year of only one program - next year - it will be divided into 5 parts throughout the Portland/Vancouver area to support the growing program that has hit new milestones with students participating from over 70 area middle and high schools.






Singing in English - just like our 2009 runner up Aubrey Cleland that went on to place 11th on American Idol in 2013, or Madison Shanley that placed in the top 100 also in 2013 and 2007 PTI winner Jordan Thompson-Bilyeu who made it into the top 25 on Nashville Star.


Singing in Spanish - Added in 2012 has help motivate our partners and founders of the English program to start up Spanish only Movies in the Parks where our students have performed.  Puerto Rican Shani Plunket-de la Cruz won in 2012 and Spainard Daniel Nyounai-Herrera won in 2013 - and also became the only Teen Idol finalist to ever have perfect attendance in ally 7 years of the program by attending some 14 performances, including in Spanish event, English Finale and the Oregon State Fair performances.


Stand up Comics - Added in 2012, we were able to give Alex Milshtein, now with our help and support going by Max Van Bureau as his stage name, also went on tour performing standup to thousands.  We also helped him to perform at comedy clubs around Portland too.





Singing in Russian NEW! - added for 2014 to meet the City of Portland's addition of Russian only films for Movies in the Park and to expand our language support that will continue to grow for year's to come. 






COMPETING: Qualifications below, CLICK HERE to sign up.

  • MUST BE 13 to 19 in grades 7 thru 12 as of March 1st, 2014

  • PERFORM AT LEAST 4 TIMES before the end of October 2014

  • AGREE TO promote the progam and other's participation in it.







SPONSORING:  Call us at 503-708-3487 with what you are thinking. 



                      Qualifications below, CLICK HERE to sign up.



  • FILLOUT AND SUBMIT by first assignment date, the paper application.

  • AGREE TO A BACKGROUND CHECK if working with the students - can not have any felonies, person crimes or crimes related to theft or assult or any history not acceptable to the City of Portland.

  • RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS - VOLUNTEERS MUST BE U.S. CITIZENS for live on location help.  If virtual only, can be from anywhere as long as no criminal record.

  • TIME REQUIREMENT- can work a minimum of 3 hours on site or at least 4 hours remotely.  Example making calls, doing research etc.

  • AGE RESTRICTION are 10 and up.  Under 13 must be accompanied by an adult volunteer, under 18 must have parental approval.

  • JUDGES CAN BE teens on up but must demonstrate a clear understanding of the subject they are judging.  Singing judges must be fluent in the language being presented.


2015 will bring a change that will split the 1 program into 5!

Portland Teen Idol will be referred to simply as Teen Idol and there will be regional competitions

Portland, Washington County, Gresham, Clackamas, Vancouver & Salem Teen Idol programs will all have finalists and winners rolling up to one Oregon Teen Idol program.


We will be adding another language, a pageant and potentially another program - what do you suggest?


We have English, Spanish and Russian - what other language?  Email to


We have singing, standup, will have a pageant - what other contest should we consider?

Suggestions: Song Writing, Dancing, Bands, Host & MCing, Business (like DECA) - other ideas?




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