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​Like everything, we are in need of individuals and organizations to provide funding for our various programs. 


CLICK HERE to see about specific programs to donate to.


Generally donations of $50 per person or $100 or more for an organization, get recognition.  The higher the amount, the more and more frequent the kudos.


Over $1,000 may include TV recognition




We have needs for offices, meeting rooms, stages, ballrooms, classrooms, even large fields or open spaces that we can make potential clean up or modifications. 


We have auditions, performances, meetings, board meetings, interviews, classrooms, project planning sessions you name it. 


Contact us if you have space.


Whether it is a universal product that comes off a shelf or custom made for our use alone, we are always in need of product sponsors to help us give out prizes, gain recognition or just plain use.


Examples - we video tape most of what we do but have no dedicated cameras or computers to do the editing on.  Also, we would love to be able to take our volunteers, students etc out to eat.


Anything you might have extra of or willing to part with for reognition?


​Many times, what we need is support with building websites like this one, editing video files, business insurance, recording studio time etc, things that we can use but not actually keep and many times, ran by the staff experts.


Marketing and sponsorship related support is one of our biggest needs.


Do you or your business provide a service to oter businesses, nonprofits or the public that may be useful to a growing nonprofit?



Money, facilities and stuff are all great but sometimes businesses don't have the ability to provide any of those and nonprofits can't afford to give away assets they need.


One thing we can always use is opportunities.  Get us a meeting with someone of influence or capability that may be able to. 


Also, our performers need somewhere to perform. We have Concerts in the Parks, Movies in the Parks and the Oregon State Fair but love the chance to perform for others like Oregon's Got Talent (OMPA), KidFest, Summer Picnics, fundraisers, parades, concerts, meetings, conferences - whereever the National Athem or performances can be used.


What can we do for you?


Having great programs, being able to help other organizations or kids is awesome but not if nobody knows we're even there.


We can really use help promoting our programs throughout the area.


Can be as simple as letting us put up fliers at your business or on your counters to having the busness or agency add our log and info to their website, add things to their news letters, promote volnteer or donation opportunities,. 


Even had one sponsor suggest putting our logo or QR code on their grocery bags, give away promotionl materials that are co-branded.


Even if you want to provide our members and customers with a discount at your store or company, we would love to consider cross promoting.

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