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As a nonprofit, we have multiple efforts and areas that can use your financial support to help pay our staff, operate programs, fund our community activities, expand services and provide scholarships.


We know that many organizations overly simplify donating to make it easy for donors to contribute, but it also makes it harder to ear mark money for specific endeavors, programs or areas that you are the most passionnate about letting the nonprofit decide. 


In order to make it easy but also give you choices, we have created a set of flexible options.    Donate to the foundation for us to put it where it's needed most, to a specific division for it to go toward an area of your choice and program level that can let you donate as far down to as a specific chapter, class or idea including ones not yet implimented.


You can even promise money for things we don't even have on our list yet but could with the right funding help like competitions we don't do, classes we don't have or states we don't yet work in.


This organization is a nonprofit

Our Tax ID is 82-1010873



Phone and mailing campaigns differ from donations you might make online because there're actual hard costs for staff.  We could utilize all volunteeers but part of our goal is to help our economy as well and not paying any wages will not help very many.


As a fully nonprofit organziation, 100% of what you donate, goes directly in to the program.  No paid staff.  We do hire contractors on occaision and of course pay for our use of equipment, services and facilities, but no Teen Idol volunteer is paid.

Being a nonprofit also gives us the opportunity to help others the financial support.  We work closely with many including the Oregon Media Production Association (OMPA) that is a 501(c)(6) Trade Assoc. helping to promote professional entertainment production such as film, television, commercials, game development and post production work on content shot in other states.   


We want to help other nonprofits spread their message, operate, function or grow. Consider contacting Teen Idol to help your organization be the best it can be. 

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