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Although officially incorporated in January 2014, the foundation in it's former self had been around unoffically for many years directly by the founder, Dennis Gleason through Dark Wing Productions.


In fact, as of 2013, the work has silently been performed as donated time by Dennis for over 15 years.  Thousands of hours and even more dollars went into providing video and public access work, project, board and other support for nonprofits.  


The name itself, Dark Wing Foundation was chose for various reasons. "Dark Wing" of course being the incorporating entity (Dark Wing Productions) and the organization will be used for all of our volunteer, nonprofit, community support and non-profit activities. The "Foundation" part was because we wanted a versatile name that would allow us to provide support for other nonprofits and our own internal programs.


There is a basic theme - Teens  Whether its the internal program for teens, volunteering for and by teens, raising money for teen programs, or helping teens get involved in the entertainment industry in positive, productive ways, we want to educate todays youth for a better tomorrow for everyone.


We created our foundation in late 2013 with growth and expansion in mind so we can provide as much or as little as needed in strategic areas.


There are three main entities and five general services we provide and three programs we run. Click on any underlined name to find out more or CLICK HERE for a comprehensive look.


Dark Wing Teen Entertainment and Education Network - or T.E.E.N or the TEEN Network manages our teen services programs we created and own and Dark Wing Productions helps run.


They include National Teen Idol for all of our competition bases programs and projects and the National Entercation Association for Teens or NEAT for our hands on, on going & educational programs. 


Dark Wing Nonprofit Resources or DoNoR is our community support division providing time, money and resources internally and for other nonprofiits hoping to including 3rd party fundraising soon.


We have many long term programs in mind but have started with Dark Wing Volunteers (My Helping Hands) for everything volunteer related, Dark Wing Community Services (ComServ) for financial and property support and Dark Wing Charities (DWC) for extra or additional support for certain partner nonprofits.



London, UK

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cape Town, South Africa

Marrakesh, Morocco


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