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Take the first step to a better future

Teenagers, nonprofits and volunteers putting together community events, films, shows, concerts and projects make our world better than what businesses provide alone.

Twenty-four years bottled into one agency

The foundation takes the best of nonprofit, community and charitable giving by Dark Wing Productions and rolls it up into a new stand-a-lone entity to do more - for more.


Teen Idol and some

After 4 years as a program of the City of Portland and 3 more years as a program of Dark Wing Productions, "Portland Teen Idol" with hundreds of volunteer events, shows and programs are now all part of this unique nonprofit foundation to give back in a revolutionary way.


2017 Season 11 Winner

Sophia Takla


Season 11 Finalists:

1st Row: Natalie; Aliya; Ramsey; Marissa; Jackson; Ari and Isabel

2nd Row: Tira; Tia; Toby; Skylar; Taylor, Snekha and Jo Jo


Through various programs Teen Idol provides developmental support for teens to ensure a greater chance of success through moral and ethical programming, classes, practices and opportunities.   We partner with organizations, government agencies, community groups and businesses striving to create a unique win win paradigm within our society.

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