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Like any nonprofit, finding space to have an office, hold board or committee meetings, interview volunteers or staff and have a place to meet prospective donors, associates is important.


We are looking for a semi-permanent to permanent home - somewhere preferrably with independent access that won't interfere with any other business or nonprofit that is accessible 24 hours a day due to late night and frequent evening work.


Should have ability to install or use a dedicated lan line that we can re-imburse, internet service and other standard utilities that we can help pay for.


We also need meeting space, interveiw and audition space that we can use occaisionlly or on a limited basis - so if you have space, even if just an open wharehouse, storage facility or the like, please let us know. 


You may be able to write off the use of that part of the building as a tax deduction.  In some cases, depending on size, usefulness and location, we may be able to pay a lease payment when we are established.






Teen Idol always uses between 20 and 25 facilities per year with the hopes to use even more going forward.  They are usually one off and only one or two days a year. 


Our space needs are for auditions for the most part, locations that have two rooms for our use - one for folks to wait in, and the other for auditions - preferrably a bit away from each other.  We want to make this experience the best possible, even for students needing a little more practice.


In addition, we have meetings with volunteers and rehearsals.  Since rooms that can hold some 25 people for about 4 - 5 hours - again about 1 or 2 dates a year.


We also would like to have training classes just before our finale for our top 10 English finalists, which would be just a day - 6 hours, one saturday sometime in May or June where our staff, mentors, top 10 and volunteers (about 30 total) can train the kids for the biggest date of the year


CALL US AT 503.708.3487


Overviews, Worshops, Classes, Seminars, 1 on 1's and Small Groups that complement our competition programs like teen volunteering and internships and puts them into one program to allow students to stay focused.


This program has the appeal of being strictly education programs for teens above and beyond what most any public or private school provides including hands on and job shadow opportunities.


We have needs for single day class space for 50 students to our longer term classes that use 1 or 2 days a week for months.   In any case, any time you or your facility may have available on  long term consistent basis that may be used for the same dates that are arranged later, we could use.


If your space will work for 1 or more day with 5 hours available - we may be able to use it for a single day class.


For those thinking they have space that may be available more often or regularly, here are some of the timelines our classes are being designed to fit into:


1 day a week for one month at time

1 to 2 days a month for up to 2 months at a time

up to 4 days a month for up to 3 months.


Our classes range from a single 4 hour Overview, to 12 week classes so consistency is key and we will try to work with what you have available.


Space sponsors are credited at $150/hour inkind value for deduction purposes for classrooms.  Other space is valued based on actual typical rental cost if venue rental is typical in which value is determined based on actual discount received.






One thing that sets us apart from 99% of the other organizations out there is, we have a tour and leadership development opportunites.


We have our competition students travel and perform throughout Oregon and grow to the point of introducting themselves, taking control of their media and developing into true professionals.


If you are a forprofit, nonprofit, government agency or a community group or just a private person and you would like performers for your event, consider contacting us to have a Teen Idol finalist perform.


American Idol has seen two of our talented teens recently with Aubrey Cleland (11th in AI /2013 who was 2nd for PTI in 2009) and Madison Shanley (top 88 in AI / 2012 was 3rd for PTI in 2009). 


Our previous winners have gone one to open for Hart, Jake Owen, Willie Nelson, placed top 25 on Nashville Star, Placed in the top 10 for National American Miss and dozens have done great in childrens theatre.


2012 American Idol Semi-Finalist Haley Johnsen was also a judge for us in 2013 and Amy Roloff (Little People, Big World) and Natasha Neuschwander (The Voice) where judges with our permanent judge Michael Allen Harrison and newly added celebrity blind judge and talented performer Mac Potts.


When your event uses our students to perform, not only is it free if your event is nonprofit or the funds toward the students directly if the gig is paying, but it also gives the students practice and experience that is vital in helping them gain the confidence and exposure necessary to be be successful.


Whether it's a sporting event needing the national anthem (which we perform before every tour concert), or a custom designed song for celebrity event, let us be the entertainent for your event.   One or 20, we have lots of talented young people ready to impress.





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